I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with hundreds of families crafting unique, meaningful bar and bat mitzvah celebrations, weddings and other lifecycle events in Israel and around the world to reflect their specific needs and circumstances. It’s a great joy to be part of their lives at this important juncture and I would be honored to be part of your celebration.

As graduate of the Conservative Movement’s Jewish Theological Seminary and Reconstructionist Rabbi working in the Reform Movement since 1989 who also studied in an Orthodox Yeshiva; I am able to connect with Jews of all flavors. I made aliya from Kansas City in 1997 and live with my family at Kibbutz Gezer.

  • Individual and group bar/bat mitzvah ceremonies
  • Adult and Taglit bnai mitzvah celebrations
  • Weddings, commitment ceremonies, and renewal of vows
  • Creative worship experiences for Shabbat, holidays and weekdays
  • Unique, interactive educational experiences
  • Musical performances and song leading

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